Windows 8 Driver for ati Mobility Radeon x2300

Sometimes I meet some someone’s question: “I’m looking for a windows 8 64x driver for an ATI MOBILITY RADEON X2300 VIDEO CARD. I have a gateway E-295c convertible. I converted FROM Win 7 64x to Win 8 64x- MS generic driver does not provide for dual monitors. I’d like to find a driver or I must restore Win 7.”

Laptop manufacturers forbid that ATI/NVidia support laptop video cards directly, but then do not do their own job in supporting your hardware.

The new ATI drivers typically work, your laptop hardware is just not in the inf file included with it. The solution is to modify the inf file. I just did that for my NVidia laptop graphics through LaptopVideo2Go: NVIDIA & Laptop News. For ATI, I used to use Mobility Modder – ATI Version, Install the Latest Drivers on your ATI laptop. I read a post stating that still worked for a recent Windows 8 machine.
Second thing is to disable the driver certification check in windows, as the certificate of a modded inf no longer checks out.

Download recent mobility drivers from AMD/ATI, and the modding tool
Reboot in the special mode that disables the driver validation (google it)
Follow instructions of mobility modder (interrupt install, apply modding tool, continue install)
Finish install, reboot normally

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